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Website Update: 20/11/2005                 More bands added to this month. CTHRU27, Calusari and Ethergy add sign up and Ten Gallon Bratz launch their new website, well worth a look!
Posted by: Ian
mbym creator and webmaster

Gig News Update: 20/11/2005               Looking for a gig? Contact Samantha Bagg ( for gigs at Glasgow Union on a Wednesday night. Gigs for Evilhead are planned for the new year so keep posting your demos!
Posted by: Alex
mbym events organisor

Update 20/11/2005   musicbymusic is two years old!   over 100 bands online, video clips and gig reviews!       CTHRU27, Calusari and Ethergy added to!
Debut album launched , listen to Logan here!e!
5th Man Down
Great video, great music! Listen to this now!
Like your music heavy? Download this and stand back!





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